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The following travelers are looking for a "virtual voyage" or are providing virtual voyages ...
Feel free to contact them for closer informations ...
Who From Prefered destinations looking for a trip providing trips
Germany Destination: Germany
Sascha Herges (herges@skinner.bwl.uni-mainz.de) Germany, Mainz all yes yes
Marcel (marcel@virtual-voyage.de) Germany all yes yes info
Alex (alex@kroepke.de) Germany, Köln (Cologne) all yes yes
France Destination: France
Laurence (llaburthe@yahoo.fr) France, Paris all (Hi, if you need to send a postcard from paris, i can help you) yes yes
Baize (georgesbaize@hotmail.com) France all yes yes
Jj (jojolabulle@hotmail.com) France (in the area where the kings built so many lovely castles, near the river Loire) all yes yes
mesplede galle (kayouchou@yahoo.fr) France all yes yes
Eric? (ericsg@club-internet.fr) France, St Martin aux arbres all yes yes
united kingdom / england Destination: United Kingdom
Laura (Azuma02@aol.com) United Kingdom, North Wales all yes yes
James De Haviland (James@mail-drop.org.uk) England, Haverhill near Cambridge all yes yes
Belgium Destination: Belgium
Dina (dwillege@mobistar.be) Belgium USA, Vietnam, South Africa, Canada yes yes
Australia Destination: Australia
Jan (janandmark@optusnet.com) Australia all yes yes
Canada Destination: Canada
Laurie Laroche (saxything69@hotmail.com) Canada, Qubec (correspondance en francais SVP) all yes yes
Laurie Sorteberg (Laurie8657@aol.com) CA, Bakersfield all yes yes
Kathleen (archie.kathleen@home.com) Canada, BC, Richmond all yes yes
Krisee Singh (Brazilluv_ah@hotmail.com) Canada, Ontario, Toronto Caribbean yes yes
Paulo Fortes (eddiefortes@hotmail.com) Canada, Toronto all yes yes
Brazil Destination: Brazil
conan (conan.2@bol.com.br) Brasil (So Paulo/SP) all yes yes
Algeria Destination: Algeria
Bellounis Djillali (djillali_dz@yahoo.fr) Algeria all (i am looking for friends who can exchange with me virtual voyages) yes yes
Ukraine Destination: Ukraine
Alexander (bwana@ez.mail.ru ?) Ukraine (Lviv's/ Lviv) all yes yes
Bolivia Destination: Bolivia
Gabriela (Gaby@biociencias.org) Bolivia, La Paz all yes yes
Morocco Destination: Morocco
Bennis (bennisk@hotmail.com) - (with kiss) Morocco, Agadir all yes yes
Mexico Destination: Mexico
Alexander (a_louvier@mexico.com) Mexico, Puebla all yes yes
USA Destination: United States of America
Dirk (dirkmeissner@yahoo.com) USA, CA (San Francisco) all yes yes
Angel M Delgado (mikon@coqui.net) USA, Puerto Rico all yes yes
Cody Cannon (www.cody@adelphia.net) USA, Kentucky, Owensboro all yes yes
Matt (byerly_78704@yahoo.com) USA, TX, Austin all yes yes
Robert A.Barron sr. (sosoblu4u@aol.com) USA, FT. Smith AR. all yes yes
Sanford Cockrell (georgie@cinci.rr.com) USA, Cincinnati, OH all yes yes
Grace (LuvGem525@aol.com) USA (KY / Lexington) all yes yes
Gina Eddy (Geddy91770@aol.com) USA, Sumas, Washington all yes yes
Greg (wall@sierranv.net) USA Las Vegas Nevada all yes yes
joanne grill (jjg020556@aol.com) USA, PA (Pittsburgh) all yes yes
April Campbell (fireofsinai@bahaimail.com) USA all yes yes
Valerie (tkn89@aol.com) USA all yes yes
Merlwebster (bradentapes@aol.com) USA, Bowling Greenky 42101 Amazon River yes yes
Stewart Little (jlmorgan@indiana.edu) USA, Indiana Jerusalem yes yes
People providing voyages to unknown destinations:
Jess (jesus_sanz@latinmail.com) Unknown all yes yes
J.D (wabbit366@aol.com) Unknown all yes yes
NOT providing voyages - only looking for a trip (various destinations):
Susan Lesser (slesser7@home.com) USA, KY, Lexington orient yes no
Bonnie (roxybang@yahoo.com) Australia, A.C.T all yes no
ouch (souch@chello.com) France all yes no
Cheri (angelintexas@earthlink.net) Texas, Midway all yes no
Alexa (millenniumgurlab@aol.com) USA, Ohio, Mason all yes no
Lauren (appgirl4life@hotmail.com) USA, ormond beach, florida all yes no
Izzy Milin Finkelstein (IzzyMarc@aol.com) USA, Brooklyn, NewYork all yes no
Jackie Piekarski (sis@norshore.net) USA, Int'l. Falls Mn all (lets get cruising...) yes no
Amanda (invisiablegirl@aol.com) USA, Colorado (Denver) all yes no
AL (ATL507@aol.com) USA, GA all yes no
Amanda Snow (river37816604122@aol.com) USA, NY (Hoosick Falls) all yes no
Tammy (tammys@rkm-research.com) USA all yes no
jennifer dover (jenniferdover@looksmart.com) USA, al hawaii yes no
Meg (Cowapolt@aol.com) USA Clawson, MI all yes no
Judy Alexander Gaudin (jag-cjg@home.com) USA Baton Rouge, LA all yes no
katja (aitak75@hotmail.com) Unknown all yes no
Maritza (mo2657@aol.com) Unknown all yes no
UNKNOWN if providing voyages (various destinations):
Danielle (DaniC2U421@aol.com) USA (State unknown) Italy yes unknown
Elizabeth (Elizabeth_Gibbons@amlist.com) USA (NYC) Unknown unknown unknown
Anne (Anne0akley@aol.com) Unknown Unknown unknown unknown
Unknown (AEBBowen@aol.com) Unknown Unknown unknown unknown
Yours VirtualVoyage-Team.
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